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Steve Pinetti

Co-Founder, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

June 1st: Time management with a purpose

• If it is not on your calendar you won't DO IT!

• Recognizing that you need help

• Understand your turbo time which becomes your biorhythm on what becomes your most important work

June 15th: Starting and effectively running your own business

• Goals and exercises for the moving parts, timeline and cost

• Leverage a skill set or look at emerging and future markets and intersect accordingly 

• Money in the bank, self confidence and back up! 


Month of July


Peter Gamez

Principal, Hunter Hospitality Consultants

July 6th: Sales Leadership

• How to stand out and make an emotional connection 

• How to redefine prospecting into a new ERA 

• Best ways to WOW your clients

July 20th: How empathetic leadership is effective in your workforce

• Looking at the Q’s of the modern workplace

• How to share with managers and show that you are productive 

• Learn to throw away business plans and start over with a fresh new look at things


Month of August


Bashar Wali

Founder, This Assembly

August 3rd: Emotional intelligence

• Why does it matter in hospitality?

• Do you train for it or is it innate?

• Can you teach old dogs new tricks?

August 17th: Service vs Hospitality

• Are we in the service or hospitality industry?

• How do you deliver on the promise of hospitality?

• How do you create community for your teammates and guests alike?


Month of September


Rob Dellibovi

Hospitality Strategic Advisor

Travel Agency Owner

September 7th: Networking 101 - Build your personal & professional rolodex

• "Never Read on Planes" - Everyone is a potential client

• "Staying in Touch for the Long Term" - grow your career as your clients do

• Casting a wide net

September 21st: Hospitality Sales - Tricks of the trade

• How to create visibility for yourself and your hotel

• How to close the deal when you're being told no

• How to succeed segment by segment


Month of October


Brenda McGregor

Vice President of Human Resources, Chesapeake Hospitality

October 5th: How do you deliver a culture that creates buzz in your community?

• Are you known as the employer of choice in your community?

• Do people want to come work with you?

• What can you do to create a wow factor for your associates?

October 19th: Does HR and operations work collaboratively to elevate your culture?

• Do you have synergy with your operations team?

• Are you playing by the same playbook?

• How can you create collaboration to elevate the experience for associates and clients/guests?


Month of November

Kevin Iwa.png

Kevin Iwamoto, GLP, GTP

Chief Strategy Officer, Bizly Inc.

November 9th: Providing leadership in times of crisis & adversity

• What are some other leadership characteristics and expectations we demand from our leaders?

• What is a "leadership moment" and why is it important to confront it head on?

November 23rd: Thought leadership on a macro level

• Why is unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion important for leaders to understand and embrace?

• What are some other leadership characteristics and expectations we demand from our leaders? 


Month of December


Kerry Flowers

Founder, Genre Hotels

Marketing Guru

December 7th: Product vs Brand Marketing

• What are your products features and benefits?

• Does the best product always win?

• What is your story you want to tell about the brand?

December 21st: Successful ways to stand ahead of the competition

• Look after your existing clients
• Be the best employer or employee

• Update your image